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ID #1019

Can the EHCP updater run a custom bash script post update / upgrade?

Yes, the EHCP Force updater looks for the existence of a post-update / post-upgrade script in the following location:


If the above script exists, it will run after EHCP Force has been updated or upgraded.

To create this file quickly, please use the following commands:

sudo -i
mkdir -p /root/scripts
> /root/scripts/ehcp_force_post_update_script.sh
chmod +x /root/scripts/ehcp_force_post_update_script.sh
nano /root/scripts/ehcp_force_post_update_script.sh

This script could contain commands to fix permissions (that the EHCP Force updater changes during its security hardening checks) for special applications or setups.

It could be used for anything including restarting additional services or performing some kind of other action.

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