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Removed Password Protected Directory in the Panel - Still Prompted for Authentication

Prompted for Authentication after Removing Password Protected Directory

If you recently upgraded to the latest version of EHCP Force Edition and removed a configured password protected directory from the EHCP control panel, you may be prompted for authentication when accessing that directory. 

In order to truly remove the authentication prompt, you must delete the .htaccess file using FTP software or file management software from the panel within that directory.  Once this .htaccess file has been deleted, no prompt should show requesting authentication. 

This needs to be done due to a change in the EHCP Force code base.  Password protected directories are now directly configured in the domain template.  As a result, legacy leftovers such as .htaccess files may still be on the server.  This will not be a problem for newly created password protected directories, and in many cases, you will never run into this problem.

For example, if I password protected the following directory two years ago:


I would need to delete the .htaccess file after removing the password protected directory from the EHCP control panel to remove the authentication prompt for good.

sudo rm /var/www/vhosts/admin/test.com/httpdocs/dog/.htaccess

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